Sacred Numbers Finance

Magical Virtual CFO and Holistic Finance Coach for the slightly woo-woo wxman.

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Providing services to Life Style Bloggers, Influencers, Podcasters, Life/Fitness/Love/Manifestation Coaches, Herbalists, Apothecaries, Tarot Card Readers, Reiki Healers, Ritualists, Doulas and more.

Sacred Numbers Finance offers distance and local CFO, bookkeeping, and financial coaching services in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


I’m a millennial and i’m proud


If you are here, you are probably a millennial bad-ass who is doing life differently. You have thrown up a big middle finger to the traditional version of success and you do most of your work from your Instagram page. You are your brand. That means lots of selfies and cute coffee shops.

You keep crystals in your bra and you are letting go of things that no longer serve you! You love rainbow bagels and kombucha and your main goal in life to achieve an aesthetic.

You know what your zodiac sign is and you have probably asked your blind date what theirs is so that you can check compatibility. You may only believe in astrology when it lines up perfectly with your personality and you love to blame your problems on Mercury Retrograde but have no idea what that actually means.

You are slightly woo-woo and you have zero desire to hire some old, crusty accountant. Like I said, your life is about aesthetic. You don’t do anything the way you are “supposed” to.

You’ve come here to find someone who you identify with. Someone who doesn’t look at you sideways when you want to deduct that La Crois as a business expense.


  • A welcoming and judgement-free look at what can oftentimes be a point of embarrassment and insecurity

  • Tailored services for the specific needs of your soul-led business

  • Budget and Payment Plans that empower you to take the next step

  • Holistic Financial Coaching (if you’re ready to uplevel)

  • Small Business Bookkeeping Training (if you’re digging doing it on your own)

Meaghan not only brings her uber impressive knowledge of finance to my spirited biz but a whole lot of humanness. She has a knack for stripping away any judgement around a typically charged topic and I trust her deeply with the foundation of my success: my numbers.


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