Sacred Numbers Finance



I started out wanting to be the HBIC. Partner at a CPA firm, CFO of Tesla.

The whole picture: power suits, high rise offices, the six-figure pay check.

Growing up I wanted to be Indiana Jones or Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park. I wanted to explore temples and dig up dinosaur bones. However, I felt the pressure to choose a more lucrative career. Only a few paths were encouraged to me: medical, law, or finance. So, I chose finance. Once I earned my bachelor’s in Accounting with a minor in International Business, I decided I wanted the whole picture: power suits, high rise offices, the six-figure paycheck. I desired to be the HBIC of some amazing, massive company like Tesla. The only two things that I was taught to aspire to be were wildly rich and wildly stressed out. That’s what success looks like, right?

As I’ve grown to know myself I have realized that dream was a product of the atmosphere I grew up in. Don’t get me wrong, I love working with numbers, it tickles my analytical mind. But, it wasn’t until I started working with successful financial professionals that I realized that most of them are unhappy. Who wants to be well-off if it means being unhappy with your life? And who says I can’t have both? Why are we so discouraged from breaking the mold and trying to blaze our own trail? Let me tell you, YOU CAN.

When the Universe granted me the vision of working with and for spiritual practitioners my jaw dropped. Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

With this in mind, I am taking a well worn path and putting a bit of gold foil and a millenial’s rose-colored outlook on it. I have found my people and my home in the spiritual community. I cannot express in words the joy it brings me to know such beautiful humans.

If you are reading this and you align with it, please reach out to me. I’d love to know you.