Holistic Financial Coaching


Where spirituality and money meet.

your numbers are sacred.


You have big goals, lofty dreams, and bills to pay.

But guess what? You get to have everything you want. You get to pay your bills with money left over for travel, coffee, and take-out. While also saving for retirement, a house, and your kids college tuition.

Did that sound scary? You probably don’t believe me, right? Everything you’ve ever been taught says that you have to work your ass off to get anywhere in life. Entrepreneur culture has told you that you have to be busy and hustle to be successful. Rise and grind, amiright?


Being a financial coach, it is my job to make sure that you are confident in your goals and the path you are on to get to them. I use two PROVEN tools to help you destroy those money blocks while at the same time actively changing your habits and consistently saving towards that yoga retreat you want to go to in Bali. Those two tools are the Profit First system and the Law of Attraction.

Profit First is a system of allocating your money into different bank accounts so that your human and behavioral psychology start to change your spending habits! The law of attraction will teach you how to utilize the power of a positive mindset, focusing on what you want to manifest into your life.

Have you ever set a savings goal and the very. next. day. you went to Target and dropped $200 on active wear? Oh and you sure as hell didn’t forget your Starbucks on the way out!

Have you ever gotten so excited on payday only to check your account and realize it’s already overdrawn? All those bills sure know how to get paid!

Why is it so easy to forget about our goals? Why is it so easy to spend rather than save?

When you and I work together there will be open communication about fears, woes, and excitement all surrounding money! Whatever your definition of success, we will work on it together.

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