And so it is

I have been thinking about who I am. This is so existential, it’s almost embarrassing. But here we go, down the rabbit hole. Grab a J and a Kombucha and let’s get transcendental.

There are a few things that are obvious about what I am like, I am alive. I am an Earthling. I am a New-Yorker. I am a woman - both in anatomy and identity. I am a daughter and a sister. These facts are real and true and tangible. And they are the foundation of how I start to define who I am.

I begin with the fact that I am alive. From there, I can choose just what kind of life I wish to have. Just sitting with the mid-blowing thought that I am breathing and existing immediately returns gratitude to me. I want my life to be full of adventure and beautiful souls. I see what I want my life to look like in my dreams and take actions toward it. And so it is.

The fact that I live on Earth - as opposed to the moon, where I swear my star-seed soul originated - allows me to be present with this beautiful planet. It allows me to listen to the needs of Mother Earth and to be reactive to them. I want this planet to be healthy and thriving and I take actions toward it. And so it is.

When I get to the truths that have to do with my proximity to others, like the fact that I am a sister, I get to define what that means. I want to have an intimate and raw relationship with my brother so I take actions toward it. This is where the reaction of rad human beings comes into play. If my brother takes those same actions towards me, we coexist beautifully. And so it is.

I can’t express how cool I think it is that I have complete control of what becomes of my life. Albeit, terrifying in the same breath. This means that I have no one to blame but myself when I start to become dissatisfied. So, in 2019, I am vowing to myself that I will take actions toward my ideal life. And so it shall be.